Need a Wildlife Specialist?

We provide property owners, homeowners, businesses, and governments with wildlife control, animal removal, bat removal, dead animal removal, and squirrel removal in Birmingham, Hoover, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, and Auburn. Along with over 15 years experience, many of our specialists have degrees in wildlife biology and wildlife management. We understand that when it comes to dealing with wild animals, you need a company who can respond quickly, while also professionally handling your situation. Look no further, than the Wildlife Experts at Conserv.


Animals look for safe, warm areas to nest and often end up in unwanted places, like your attic, walls, and crawl space. If you are having nuisance wildlife problems within a structure, it is important to carefully inspect the exterior of your home or business for possible entry points that need sealed. Conserv Wildlife Specialists can evaluate your home to provide you with the best solutions for wildlife pest prevention and removal.

Birmingham, AL Wildlife Experts

In Birmingham, AL, many properties will experience the need for animal removal services. It is common to experience problems with squirrels in your attic, raccoons in your trash, armadillos digging up your lawn, or chipmunks in your bird feeder. Although many nuisance wildlife may initially look cute and cuddly, they can potentially do damage to your property, spread diseases, and leave you up at night from all the scratching and chewing in your attic. Our Birmingham Wildlife Specialists are professionally trained to solve your critter control problems. We know how to get rid of nuisance animals and keep them from returning.

Alabama Wildlife Removal Process

The first step is to call us so we can talk about the type of wildlife problem you are having. In Birmingham, AL there are some species of animals that may share your home with other species at the same time, which is why it is important to perform thorough inspections. Once we determine what type of animal it is, we can set you up on a program to either trap, exclude, or both. If any damage was caused, such as rodent droppings or torn insulation, we can also provide you with damage repair services to restore your home.

Birmingham, Alabama Animal Trapping & Removal

$89 and up, depending on the species and the length of time required to solve the problem. Our Alabama Wildlife Control Specialists set the proper number of traps for your property. For smaller animal trapping jobs, like armadillo or raccoon removal, we will only set one trap which is very efficient. For larger wildlife removal projects, like beaver or coyote control we may set multiple traps. Every animal removal service is unique and may require different strategies.

Birmingham, Alabama Bat Removal

Bats often get into chimneys, wall voids, eaves, and other areas to seek shelter. If you have one bat, you typically have many. Bats are considered a colony species and rarely live alone. When our Birmingham, AL Bat Removal Specialists arrive, you can be sure we are equipped to handle the worst bat infestations. In the State of Alabama there are 2 species of bats, The little brown bat which is smaller and the Mexican Free-Tailed Bat. We have found both species of bats in Birmingham. We inspect the exterior of the structure for any potential entry points and the interior for any damage. It is very important that bat feces are removed to prevent dangerous diseases they can cause. It is also important that ever potential entry point on the structure is sealed with animal proof material or the bats will be able to get back in. With bat's amazing sonar, they can find any opening. Bats can fit through areas as small as 1/2". 

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