We are Alabama and Georgia's premier armadillo removal & control service. Armadillos can cause many different kinds of property damage costing you money. There are two common problems associated with armadillos; their burrows & landscape damage due to heavy digging in their search of grubs and earth worms. When armadillos dig a burrow, they are either trying to make a place to escape when threatened while feeding in your yard or it is their den in which they sleep during daylight hours and have their young. Either way, burrows going under a home or building can crack the foundation, bust pipes & wires, and even void your termite bond.



Our highly experienced wildlife biologists & trained wildlife specialists develop a plan for your property to trap and prevent them as fast as possible. Also, you should know that if you have armadillos, they are the only carrier of leprosy in North America. Females have quadruplets, four identical twins of the same sex at some point during the months of April through July. They do not have many predators, so their populations can quickly double in a very short time.