Are bats flying all over your house at dusk and dawn? Are you noticing large amounts of recurring feces on your driveway and sidewalk? If so, you are experiencing a bat problem. Bats often move into homes and buildings due to easy access and comfortable living. At Conserv Wildlife Services we can humanely remove the bats while also preventing future bat problems. We give you a one year warranty that can be renewed yearly. After bats have been removed, it is important that your attic is carefully inspected for damage and all feces should be removed. Bat feces are extremely dangerous to breathe in and should only be removed by professional wildlife control operators. We can restore your attic and make sure all contaminants are removed and the attic is safe. 


Animal Removal Services

 $89 and up depending on the species and the amount of time and work involved in a solution. Our Animal Removal & Wildlife Control Specialists are highly trained and experienced experts in their field. After assessing your situation, they will determine what procedure will be most effective in solving your problem as fast and humane as possible.



We charge a flat rate of $55 to inspect residential premises and $89 for commercial inspections. The first step in solving a wildlife problem is determining how it started. A hole in the soffit may allow animals to enter the attic, and pet food left outside may attract unwanted animals. An inspection must be performed to determine all species and wildlife activity on your property. Every situation is different and so is every property. In order to price out your situation we must thoroughly inspect.

Home Repairs

Whether you want to prevent nuisance wildlife from entering your property or just need areas of your soffit, ventilation, etc. screened off. Conserv Wildlife Technicians can make repairs and they include a minimum one year warranty. In some cases we can provide up to a 10 Year warranty. Ask your specialist for details.

Clean-up & Odor Control Services

When animals move into your home, they leave large amounts of urine stains, feces, and other types of damage. We can remove the bio-hazards and restore your home to it's original state. Animal feces and urine carry many different types of diseases and they can be transmitted to humans. We can work with your homeowner's insurance to help with the cost.